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War of Venus

Summary of Game

The World Tree is attempting to select a selected male to save the all-girls realm from the evil Inquisition’s invasion! As a result, as the only man in this excellent land, you have to prepare for battle and assemble teams from hundreds of girls!!
Discover the strategic depth of battle in this adventurous journey.
At some point, the hope will raise once more, and a new fairyland will appear from the fog for you to reside happily with the girls forever!!!

Essential Characteristics


The Globe Tree is trying to pick a selected male to save the all-girls realm from the evil Inquisition’s invasion! As a result, as the only man in this great land, you ought to prepare for battle and assemble teams from hundreds of girls!!
Discover the strategic depth of battle in this adventurous journey.
Eventually, the hope will raise once again, and a new fairyland will seem from the fog for you to live happily with the girls forever!!!


– War of Venus can be played on Pc browser and Android.
– A fantasy-themed CCG H Game!
– It combines the greatest functions of strategy and simulation RPG games.
– Summon your card of attractive girls and fight against evil’s invasion.
– 100+ sexy female character, 400+ challenge stages
– PVP and globe boss


– Handle Builds: Makes enemies disabled
– Revive Builds: Gets much more allies to defeat enemies
– Teleport Builds: Reduces enemies’ Play cards in the course of battle
– Mana immunity Builds: Gathers a combat advantage when facing elemental opponents
– Heal Builds: Gains the healing potential to defeat enemies in a extended fight scenario
– Essential Builds: Deals enormous and mortal damage to enemies.
– Evasion Builds: Creates extra probability to dodge attack and lessen damage
– Reflection Builds: holds the potential to rebound enemies’ melee attack


★ Over one hundred H SCENES

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It has been stated that, in the gaming realm, there is often one thing for everyone. Regardless of whether it’s a casual stroll in the digital globe, or a additional challenging adventure, obtaining the best game does not have to be a Cinderella story. War of Venus is of the latter kind, creating it just the appropriate fit for those fantasy CCG enthusiasts searching for the subsequent huge factor.

The story takes location in a fantastic planet, hidden on the Avalon continent. In stated world, which is populated by girls only, the Globe Tree chosen the only male in the continent to fight against the Inquisition’s invasion. Yes, that’s you. So, what takes place when the world wants your aid? Nicely, it’s time to assemble a team of fighters to go against the effective evil forces attempting to take over!

The substantial, multi-layered Planet Exploration campaign consists of eight chapters, in which a dozen of levels are found, every leading to a far more hard challenge every single time. Organizing the fighting deck is a important aspect when battling your adversaries- and beating them. You will develop into much more familiar with the winning combos as you fight each character card has precise skills and can activate unique bonds, depending on which maidens are chosen.

Winning battles will grant valuable rewards. Like in most CCGs, upgrading and spending will lead to creating smart but difficult choices. Even even though Gold is the official currency in War of Venus, Sapphires are also beneficial items in your world saving quest. They can be used to get new characters, gold, and quite a few other issues you will want along the way- so be confident to collect them!

The Gallery section is exactly where you will invest precious time taking care of the several devoted fighters. As you will get to lay your eyes on the high high-quality displayed artwork, the Gallery is exactly where the ferocious maidens can be trained and, of course, exactly where some extremely effectively deserved intimate storylines can be unlocked. Displayed in a beautiful visual novel style, the exquisite hot occasions you will reside with the several maidens will remind you that fighting so difficult is entirely, totally, utterly worth it.

Retain in mind, the level of strategy expected is quite high. There is an infinite quantity of unit sorts and combinations that you will need to have to optimize to definitely get pleasure from the game at its finest. Not only that, but it holds several solo and group selections that can assistance you level up and progress more quickly. Do not be scared to take pleasure in the social features provided, as they will not only assist you progress, but also get rewards! And, for the reason that War of Venus is a present that keeps on providing, the game attributes an idle mechanic that will produce rewards for you when you are not in battle.

And if you’re feeling specifically adventurous, the game presents numerous levels of difficulty, ranging from “easy” to “nightmare”, as effectively as distinctive servers for you to navigate amongst. That’s proper, the game is quite close to becoming endlessly explorable! War of Venus is an immersive and intensively engaging practical experience, guaranteed to become your next addiction.

-The TopAdultGame Group

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