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Superdimensional Sex Shop

Summary of Game

Dana, a steamy hot scientist from one more dimension, opens an interdimensional gate and hides in your sex shop basement from individuals who strategy to steal her project: an out-of-this-world pleasure-driven interdimensional device.

Soon Dana and you discover that the sex toys, overcharged by the sex power that feeds the interdimensional device, can be merged into better toys. This creates vast amounts of energy to further upgrade the device and open new dimensions for you, full of hot girls and sexual possibilities way beyond this world.

Crucial Characteristics

• Original story and Visual style influenced by your favourite pop culture movies.
• Unlock 7 portals to 7 new dimensions.
• Girl Animations: seduce and chat with sexy animated girls!
• 7 super hot girls from other Dimensions!
• Retro Sci-Fi UI style!
• Events: Month-to-month events with new sexy scenes, and story arc development of your preferred girls!
• Upgrade your devices
• An wonderful cinematic intro in animated comic book style which immerses the player appropriate into gameplay… with tons of sex proper from the start

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