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Signed and Sealed With a Kiss

Summary of Game

You get an unexpected package delivery one particular day. When you open it, there’s a man inside – but luckily, he comes with directions!

Important Capabilities

• Influence your Boyfriend’s personality by deciding on what pastimes and jobs he requires his look and voice lines will transform accordingly
• Enhance your connection with your Boyfriend during visual novel-style scenes
• Pick your personal pronouns (he/she/they) &amp anatomical preferences (masculine/feminine/ambiguous)
• Lots of random events, each with variations for just about every character
• Two distinct endings per character
• Special unlockable smut scenes unique to every single personality (or turn them off if you’d favor)
• 5 CGs per personality + an array of chibi CGs
• An estimated 15 to 20 hours of gameplay
• No DRM
• Windows, Mac, and Linux
• Price tag includes the expansion pack when it releases!

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