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Seven Sirens

Summary of Game

Sirens of the past, present, and future – unite! Meet all these attractive seductresses who are all thirsting for your dick…and your dick only!
In the planet of 7 Sirens, you will be transported to the adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy an engaging mix of visual novel storytelling and match 3 mechanics, and battle terrifying monsters on your way to accomplishment in this entertaining puzzle RPG hentai game!

Essential Options


By means of a mysterious portal, you are in a position to take a glimpse into earlier lives that you and your soulmate have led. Go to every incarnation by way of every Siren’s story! Play special storylines and explore various worlds based on who you select. From LARPing high schoolers, consorts of space pirate queens to rival commanders in Feudal Japan, we’ve got them all! Embark on a journey that is confident to get your blood pumping!


Feast your eyes on these wonderfully animated, steamy and uncensored hentai scenes. Not only are you in complete control of the sex scenes, but you can also take pleasure in the greatest audio voice-over at the identical time!
The game transports you to an exciting adventurous planet where you and your lover can select different reincarnations you can reside out collectively. Depending on which Siren storyline you opt for, you get to knowledge one of a kind adventures and share really intimate and hot moments with your lover.


– Interactive Sex Scenes! Have complete manage over how you want to play with your girl!
– Rpg-Driven Puzzle Mechanics! Level-up and progress through the battlefield!
– Climb To The Prime Of The Leaderboard! Fight against the globe boss and acquire restricted edition rewards!
– Prime-Top quality Voice Acting! Immerse your self into this fantasy world with the finest audio voice more than!
– Three Unique Story Endings For Each Character! Save or banish the Siren based on your options!


– Obtainable on Android
– Interactive sex scenes
– RPG-driven puzzle mechanics
– Prime-good quality voiceover
– 3 distinctive story endings for each character

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