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Sacred Sword Sweeties

Summary of Game

Sacred Sword Sweeties is a rapidly-paced harem-style action-adventure RPG exactly where you fight against Evil collectively with a bunch of hot girls.

The ancient seal was broken and now evil Sins roam freely, threatening to destroy this world. Meet Sakura, the Katana Samurai, Nicoleta, the attractive restaurant owner, and Sayu, the student president. These three heroines will accompany you on your path to cleansing evil!

Key Features


The Sins have broken out the seal, invading the planet with endless corruption and turmoil. The only 1 who can fight against the darkness is YOU, the divine bloodline.
Now, the Herald of Goddess is about to awaken your hidden energy! Infuse the Vessels with the power of sacred spirit and summon Souls to save the globe! It is time for the rightful lord to rise.
Get prepared with your Vessels and repel the evil enemies!


Sacred Sword Sweeties, this steamy hentai RPG game is accessible on each Android and Computer. Your principal objective is to build a strong team of sexy Vessels to cleanse the globe of Evil.
You are the 1 carrying the divine blood, and only you can carry out this essential mission to save the planet. Gather your team of Vessels and devise a powerful approach to fight off the Evil. You can also cast extraordinary abilities to your group by deciding upon the ideal combination of Souls. By performing so you get to unravel mysteries and to uncover exclusive dating plots and lots of steamy intimate scenes.
Embark on this thrilling journey and restore balance to the planet!


Feast your eyes on these magnificent Live2D hentai scenes set in a wide assortment of environments.
The game transports you to an thrilling adventurous planet exactly where you will meet the hottest girls, identified as Vessels, who need to have your support. Collect your army of Vessels, seduce them, and share extremely intimate moments with them. Let your imagination go wild and get that blood pumping!


Magic appears in the University!
You are the selected 1 to defend the planet!
Wielding your sacred sword and binding Magic Girls to your will!
– Rapidly PACE SEMI-TURN Primarily based
3D Battle Scenes, ATP Battle Method, and skill combos!
Unique Soul Cards enable you to collect a variety of girls and command them day and evening!
Cultivate one of a kind links and skills with the Heroines and make your own meta!
Live2D Sweet scenes with many settings like Woods, Library, and the Dust! Send messages to ask the girls out and have a quick workout with them any time you want ❤


– Sci-fi fantasy adventure!
– A lot more than 50 steamy sex scenes for absolutely free!
– 200,000+ words of stories!
– PvP battle!
– Readily available on Android and Pc!
– 3D character-driven RPG!
– Distinctive gameplay!

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