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Sacred Sword Princesses

Summary of Game

Sacred Sword Princesses is a fast-paced harem-style action-adventure game exactly where you locate out what it is like to be the only male in a globe solely inhabited by ladies.
Train your Vessels, bind them to your will, and unlock the sacred force hidden inside them!
Wielder of the Sacred Sword!
With intense gameplay and a story you will lust over, few action adventure games can evaluate to Sacred Sword Princesses.

Key Options


The ambitious Mistress of the Night is looking for to devour the kingdom of Midgardia. Designed by the Moon Goddess Mani, this magnificent land is inhabited solely by females.
You were summoned by the Goddess herself in order to protect this virgin land. With each other with the Vessels of the Goddess Mani, you shall defeat the legion of the Beast and liberate this planet!
Following finding out of the sacred Soul Harmony Ritual, which can defeat the unsafe Legion of Beasts threatening to destroy this dreamlike paradise, it becomes apparent that only you can restore harmony to this peaceful female utopia.
It is time to save Midgardia from its impending doom, all in the name of the Goddess!


With more than 50 hours of gameplay, Sacred Sword Princesses’ passionate romance and intense combat mix with each other in a whimsical, action-adventure game, available on both mobile and Pc.
The rapid-paced battle in Sacred Sword Princesses provides you the ability to execute attacks manually or set your vessels to auto, an entertaining and hassle-free function for any sort of player.
Level up your abilities and safeguard your vessels by forging them unique forms of armor just before heading into battle! Customize your characters by upgrading them and adding one of a kind moves!
Your objective is to master the sacred Soul Harmony Ritual and restore balance to this unique female utopia!


Get pleasure from superbly drawn scenes and marvel at the full Live2D character artwork!
As the only man in a planet run by women, nothing at all is extra appealing than power and lust, so the exclusive totally nude Live2D mode choice for your favorite Vessels will certainly get your blood pumping!
Seduce your vessels and share intimate moments while letting go of your wildest fantasies. Reach pivotal points in the story in order to take command of these gorgeous females and relive your hottest moments by unlocking the Harem tab.


– EMBARK ON AN EPIC JOURNEY! Fascinating and expansive setting! Complex and playful storylines! Strong antagonists and Empresses from twelve Empires await your conquer!
– Make THE Ideal ARMY! 30+ Collectible Live 2D Characters, pick and make the great combination for your demands! Manage Components, Classes and Attack Sort and bring method into your battles!
– UNLOCK SULTRY SEX SCENES! Get intimate with your squad members and understand more about them as you unlock their Harem episodes!
-All characters are presented in full Live2D! Interact with them and discover their feelings!
– Exclusive completely nude Live2D mode for your favorite Vessels!


– 30+ Collectible Reside Characters with more than HCGs, all cost-free to play!
– Fully uncensored CGs with many settings (Paizuri, Bukake, Ecchi, Femdom and so forth.)
– More than 50h of gameplay and storyline
– Customize your group and forge your own equipment
– PVP and Co-Op Battles offered
– Readily available on Mobile and Computer in English and Chinese


Image this: it is the middle of summer season, you are living via an additional hot, quite hot evening. A thin layer of sweat is covering each inch of your skin, slowly dripping all the way down to your decrease back. You are lastly alone, the blue light of your screen reflecting its content in your pupils it is time to play Sacred Sword Princesses.

This fast-paced action adventure game takes spot on a fantasy continent, in which you are brought to support save from domination. If this is a prevalent scenario for gamers to locate themselves thrown into, the adorably clueless character you embody is nonetheless willing to take one particular for the team and tag along this crazy adventure. Soon after all, how could you say no to an entire fleet of beautiful warriors in desperate will need of your help? The sacred essence carried in your Sacred Sword (wink wink) is intrinsically linked to the carnal pleasures of heavy coaching- and the all new energy that comes with it.

With its hugely interactive gameplay, Sacred Sword Princesses is house to quite a few surprises. As you navigate involving battles and worlds, the visual novel graphic style will hold sweeping you off your feet. The elaborated storyline will be presented to you soon after some of your fights, introducing new elements and twists with out ever disturbing the game flow.

To ensure victory, cast your babes’ special spells throughout their fights, or change characters in the midst of battle to use diverse attacks on your enemies- they do not stand a likelihood. You also have the solution to fight alongside other players and grow to be close friends with them, as they will enable you win. Do not be shy, this social function comes with numerous perks!

There is a pretty huge number of maidens to find out, and they are at some point subjected to levelling up, leading you to score even far more bonuses after a specific criteria is reached. Retain a tiny a thing in mind even though characters are divided into three battle archetypes (Melee, Range and Magic) and four elemental properties (Fire, Air, Water and Earth). This will be beneficial when organizing your fighters to go against your enemies.

Not only is this game a delight to navigate, due to the higher good quality graphics and smooth pace, but it also is hugely rewarding. Gamers carry a certain level of expectation when it comes down to RPGs like Sacred Sword Princesses, and this 1 does not disappoint.
Claimable bonuses are offered all through the campaign, no matter whether it is conquering tougher levels, finishing occasion missions or unlocking various worlds one by a single following every cleared battle. The Arena feature becomes available as you progress in the game fight against other players, win further points and rewards upon victory, and rise via the ranks.

If you locate your self longing for some intimate time, the Harem is where you ought to be headed. Discover your darlings with their unlocked scenes, and rewatch them as lots of times as you’d like. Here’s a tiny disclaimer: these scenes are heavily narrated… the room temperature is not going to go down.

-The TopAdultGame Group

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