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Pocket Waifu

Summary of Game

Pocket Waifu is an adult, virtual waifu game filled with 14 very sexy girls who you can meet and seduce! Do not forget about the big, overarching story: more than one hundred animated sex-scenes to unlock and over 500 clothes you can pick out for them! Inspired by virtual pet games like Tamagochi and My Speaking Tom, Pocket Waifu combines time management with an fascinating visual novel-like storytelling and, of course, steamy sex scenes!

Essential Characteristics

Now that you have traded your soul for a chance of kinky sex, the Succubus will bring several women to your house. You’ll have to seduce them initially, but all of them are desperate for your adore and focus!
Just bear in mind to treat them appropriate! If you give them entertainment, delicious food, time in the bathroom and space in your bed, they will return the favor!
Who knew that staying at residence would make you so irresistible to women?!


It seems you have been watched your complete life by a Succubus who intends to ease your difficulties with women for the little, unimportant cost of your soul. Sounds superior so far! But, is there another purpose for her actions? Probably toying with the natural order is not such a superior idea, immediately after all!
You meet these females under different situations, ranging from mundane to extremely extraordinary! Their presence will support you unravel Andrea the Succubus’ secrets! Just do not lose your head!


Pocket Waifu can be played on Android devices, browsers and it’s accessible for download!
Take care of a number of waifus at the similar time, and let them open their hearts for you!
Devote time with your girls – consuming, bathing, playing games – and raise their affection with just about every tiny activity. Be careful not to leave them alone for too lengthy, or they will be pretty unhappy!
Your objective is to collect as substantially Lust Dust as you can! It is an incredibly potent item that can aid you craft a variety of clothing products and furnishings!
Grow crops in your Garden for your waifus and make them into falling deeper in lust with you!


Find out animated sex scenes that show off the different kinks your Waifus have in astounding 2D hentai inspired art! Unlock uncensored scenes as you progress by way of your connection with each and every of the girls. Some are naughty, some are nice and all of them are incredibly hot!


– GRAPHICS AND ANIMATIONS! Can you resist these compelling characters with gorgeously drawn art? You’ll go on an astounding journey to discover kinky sex scenes and mysterious secrets!
– MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS! Seduce your girls to the sexy tune of old time jazz and see what action makes them moan!
– 14 GIRLS! The extra, the merrier! Unlock all of the attractive girls and pick out which girl suits you the most effective!
– 100+ ANIMATED SCENES! Discover astounding hentai sex scenes that show your sexy waifus and their hot kinks!
– Wonderful STORY LINE! Why, who and exactly where? Find out why the girls are coming to your home and how a lot of it it’s the succubus’ influence.
– CUSTOMIZABLE DECOR! Why keep the exact same boring decor when you can adjust it to fit your waifu? Straightforward or romantic, the furnishings can compliment your fantasies!
– CRAFTABLE Clothes! Do you like your girls sexy, mature or extravagant? You can now opt for from more than 500 clothing to make them look stunning for you!
– A GARDEN Exactly where YOU CAN Grow Unique CROPS! Strawberries or flowers? Develop unique crops that will make your girls go crazy for you!


– Virtual Waifu online sex game that also incorporates components of Dating SIM and visual novel story telling.
– 3 playable environments: Browser, Mobile device or you can download directly to your Computer.
– Uncensored and animated sex scenes.
– Every day challenges and bonuses.
– Customizable property with tons of furnishings and a Garden where you can grow your own crops!
– An adult sex game that blends storytelling with time management and a lot of provocative scenes!

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