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Pleasure Inc

Summary of Game

PLEASURE INC. is an outrageously exciting dating sim with basic management incremental game mechanics that takes its inspiration from the wicked aesthetics of the 1980s.
Play as the horny, greedy, evil genius scientist who has decided to make his exceptional sex toy empire soon after having been kicked out of the country’s prime-secret government facility. Navigate the hottest adult game about with the help of your trusted android, Bella Bottoms, and create a tubular sex toy business enterprise that will catch the eye of each bodacious babe! Impress them, fulfill all their front and backdoor fantasies and collect their sexual essences!
Buy factories, transfer kinky goods to nearby organizations and customers and expand the borders of your orgasmic empire!
Employ beautiful Managers, complete difficult orders and take over the planet with your potent vibrations!

Crucial Options


The year is 1981. You are the lead scientist in a top-secret government experiment that has set out to generate a series of lifelike female sex-androids in an try to capitalize upon the increasingly permissive society of the 80’s. A single evening, you are caught possessing sex with 1 of the androids, and kicked out of the facility. But just before you leave, you manage to steal a mobile lab along with your favorite android girl, Bella Bottoms.
Payback is imminent! You decide to take more than the world making use of sex as a brainwashing weapon!
To accomplish this, you turn the mobile lab into your HQ, and start off travelling the nation, obtaining factories and farms which will let you to make the kinkiest sex toys and sex androids.
Along the way, you will enlist far more and more of the government’s unique female android models (which have been hidden across the country) to aid develop your trigger.
With the enable of their exclusive essences, you will develop into the most potent sex toy tycoon and take more than the planet with your army of sex androids!


PLEASURE INC. is a fun and addictive adult game that can be played on Computer Browser and Android!
There is never ever a minute to spare within the busy life of a mad sex scientist! Make and manage factories and sex labs to generate sex toys and androids, upgrade your buildings, expand your evil enterprise and take over the planet!
With a fun and interactive dating sim mechanic in place, you can date and seduce diverse girls and unlock their essence to use in your sex lab. Make the right alternatives, progress the storyline, steal their hearts AND get to see steamy uncensored pictures!


Retro, funky, hot uncensored artwork is waiting for you to unlock it!
Chat with every single 1 of the girls, exchange kinky messages and obtain explicit sex scenes. All the girls have distinctive sex essences, so make confident to gather as lots of as you can to make the ultimate sex toy!


● Meet and chat with different girls, discover their unique stories and unlock exclusive, uncensored content material.
● Hire Managers to run your enterprise and level them up to boost their productivity and strip them down.
● Zoom in and out, click and manage your empire through an interactive map.
● Collect 30+ Uncensored Scenes.
● Unlock and upgrade plenty of Mines, Farms and Factories.
● Create 20+ various kinds of sex toys and sexual equipment.
● Invest in Fuck Trucks and Humpy Vans to transfer goods to nearby shops.
● Comprehensive orders and transfer kinky goods to the XXX Hotel, the Porn Studio, the Supermarket and the Sex Shop.
● Enjoy a 1980’s inspired atmosphere with neon graphics, synthwave music and true-life orgasmic sound effects.


● More than 30+ Uncensored Scenes.
● 80s nostalgia themed atmosphere
● Tons of girls with robust, individual personalities, ready to do your evil bidding
● 20+ distinct sorts of sex toys and sexual gear.
● Hours of entirely bitchin’ enjoyable!

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