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Monster Harem

Summary of Game


Welcome to the hero quest to end all hero quests! With a a single of a type blend of dungeon crawler, RPG and clicker mechanics, Monster Harem will have you operating around dark and risky dungeons to save your attractive queen. But do not be concerned, you are not alone in your quest! Your trusty sidekick, Arianna, will be with you the whole way via. Not to mention the huge harem of hotties you will collect along the way!


The evil Lord De Struk Shun is attempting to kidnap the Queen and enslave the whole kingdom! In her search for a hero, Arianna the Light Keeper, has summoned you. Now, you are the only one particular that stands in the way of this land’s comprehensive destruction. It’s up to you to make a strong harem of uniquely hot girls and take down Lord De Struk Shun! Evolve your monsters, raid dungeons and free them of the evil forces inside, defeat Lord DSS and reap your just rewards!


– A compelling story, challenging gameplay and lusty sex scenes? Sounds very good to us!
– Appreciate all the adult scenes you unlock! Animated, uncensored, and with sound, they are positive to bring you some steamy fun! And there’s over 25 – Special scenes for you to feast your eyes on!
– You can unlock specific scenes by advancing the storyline, or by leveling up your girls!

Important Functions

– 19 Girls and 28 H-scenes! Kick off your adventure with naughty satisfaction, as a properly-deserved reward for joining the fight!
– More than 150 Dungeons! Total exciting adventures, get rewards, and have excellent girls join your harem!
– Dungeon Mazes! Fight your way via an increasingly difficult set of dungeons! But do not worry, it’s worth the problems, mainly because the rewards you will get are riches beyond your wildest dreams.
– Level up your girls and upgrade their abilities! Make a perfect group and take complete advantage of their skills!
Sacrifice your units to boost your core group and get stronger and stronger allies.
– Construct your PvP Arena team to dominate the leaderboards!
Watch your methods, strategy your dungeon conquest method cautiously, and defeat your enemies!

All round

– Fight real players in the PvP Arena!
– All female cast &amp girl-on-girl action will make you want to come back for more!
– Complete your Bestiary and discover all the monsters in the game!
– Higher good quality art style in 2D &amp 3D!
– Rewarding Single Player &amp Reside Occasion missions every week!
– Themes: Lesbian, Group, Anal, and so on.
– Enjoy a absolutely free online adult game obtainable on Computer browser and Android


One particular of the most well-known themes on your beloved web-site has to be “harem”- and why wouldn’t it be? Accessible, full of gorgeous hunting characters that want to please you, and only you… 1 can only envision why it’s so well-known. Amongst the lots of harem games supplied on, Monster Harem, gathered a lot of interest. This rapidly paced, medieval style game is a good addition to your mobile library.

In this distinctive blend of clicker, puzzle, dungeon crawler and collection RPG, you will, from the very beginning, meet your guide Arianna- and all the sassiness she brings to the table. She is an wonderful guide, but is not rather prepared for you to boss her about. Becoming a handsome warrior, the back and forth in between you and Arianna gradually turns the room temperature from hot to Very hot.

But do not worry, warrior. If the heat confuses your spirits a small (hey, no blame right here), the game itself will enable with clever directions, irrespective of whether they’re written on boards in the background or as animated icons! Worry not you will be guided step by step by means of everything! And, as Arianna holds your hand, it will not take lengthy just before you comprehensive numerous levels, unlock and boost your units, make the most of bonuses and other offered booster packs. And yeah, you guessed right by evolving your units, you will also unlock the a variety of hot sex scenes.

Whether you are roaming by way of dungeons or fighting monsters, you get to be the spectator of your personal victories. The very first-individual POV puts you in the heat of the action at all times. As you progress by means of your adventure, you will eventually unlock the arena feature, which will permit you to fight against players and obtain (or shed) points build your group based on their leadership and defense qualities, and you will ditch the latter in no time.

You can also have the solution to join forces with other players to full some levels of course, completing levels will lead to the steamy scenes you all came for (pun intended). If you didn’t feel monsters could be attractive, believe once again Monster Harem will absolutely prove you incorrect. Even so, if you are a single of those who just KNEW that a thing not pretty human could completely be hot, then please, by all indicates dinner is served.

-The TopAdultGame Team

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