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Märchen Nocturne

Summary of Game

Lengthy Long time ago… A mysterious person went inside the fairytale palace and attempted to steal the Magic Mirror. The Magic Mirror was shattered in the course of the method and the shards of the mirror had been scattered about the fairyland. Those who are touched by the shards were polluted in their minds and became enraged and HORNY.
Girls of fairyland decided to save their globe and with each other with our hero embark on a journey to locate out the truth of the incident and bringing fairyland back to typical.

Key Features

• 5+ Major Story accessible and additional to come!
• 20+ Fairy tale girls to meet with far more updates on the way!
• 20+ Uncensored Scenes
• All battles in game are automatic.Watch to figure out how they win or shed. All battle can be quick forward.
• Idle Technique: Battle goes on 24/7 even if when you sleep.
• PVP: Versus other players in match up that shows off your characters energy. Participate in PVP battle to get tokens to exchange in the shops.
• World Boss: Participate in taking down a higher HP boss just about every 2 hours.

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