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Magicami DX

Summary of Game


An all new city pop themed magical girl RPG!

Do you think in limitless possibility?
A mysterious girl named Kamisaman, numerous demons, magical girls, a planet in chaos, mysterious disappearances…and what’s with this Kamisaman program?!
How will the “possibilities” you pick out shape the future?

Essential Options

A subsequent-gen tale of youth taking spot on the busy streets of Shibuya!
Assuming the part of a young boy charged with leading 12 magical girls, you should forge bonds with them via battle, and help them to unlock their innermost “possibility”!

Send your magical girls to battle in 3D!
Change their dresses, and hit up the gacha for much more! Cute or cool, something and almost everything you happen to be searching for can be located here!

Delight in smooth auto-battle gameplay, or make use of the versatile talent technique to unlock endless possibilities!

There are so lots of extra intriguing factors to see and explore, so why not give it a try!

Check out the official web-site for much more detailed game info and updates on events and so forth!

-Characters modeled in complete 3D!
-A subsequent-gen magical girl RPG!
-Turn-primarily based battles let for endless strategic possibilities! Uncomplicated to learn, but challenging to master!
-Attempt out new dresses to unlock your battle potential!
-In Magicami, you can combine the hidden prospective of several dresses to match your personal play style! Even the similar dress can come to be entirely various based on how you equip it!
-There are loads of abilities to use in Magicami, every such as their personal specific effects.
-Auto-battle and auto-play accessible! Say goodbye to tedious manual grinding!
-Select when and where to manually interact with your party!
-In-depth orb method! Increase your dress’ parameters by equipping them with orbs!


Some things in this world are as well sweet to be partially enjoyed. A stroll in the park just after heavy rain, the smell of coffee waking you up in the morning, or the 1st notes of a game’s theme music you just KNOW will be fantastic.

MagicAMI is the kind of genre-redefining visual novel game that will set a entire new common in a heartbeat. One might say that this AAA material turn-primarily based RPG went live at the greatest probable time- whilst summer is gradually fading away in this part of the globe, the viewpoint of spending most evenings in front of this tiny gem relieves the bitter aftertaste that goes in pair with the concept of winter.

Be ready to be carried from one particular timeline to the other, all intrinsically linked, jumping from 1 aspect of the story to a further with agility, ensuring that you never lose your breath.
Divided into episodes, the complicated and layered plot will progressively untangle, only to unveil a story worthy of a fantasy novel. You may possibly be moved by a small 4th wall action right here and there, constantly cautiously placed although you are deep in the narration, additional blurring the lines involving this reality and your personal- and honestly, which one would you say is sweeter?

To place you in the mood, the really 1st scene you witness is a heartfelt a single- and pushes you ideal in the action. The gameplay is smooth, intuitive, and leaves a lot of area for upgrades and character improvement. When there is a powerful emotional side to the game, its strategic aspect is not to be underestimated. With its raise in difficulty, MagicAMI will challenge your battle capabilities, as you will have to organize your fighting parties accordingly.

The breathtaking animation and delicately crafted dialogues go hand in hand, and it will only take a minute just before you surprise oneself with a hint of attachment to the characters. Though you play the part of the handsome Tobio, you are surrounded by gorgeous, intelligent, brave and caring young women. To fight against the threat posed by the enhance of demons and their purpose to destroy the world, you will require to guide your army of each day ladies to grow to be magical girls- and only you, Tobio, hold that power in your hands.

Complete of poetic pictures that will fill you whole, MagicAMI carries a uniqueness to it, conquering your heart prior to you even comprehend it. Each single one particular of your encounters, regardless of whether they are of sexual nature or not, are merited and contribute to the relationship you slowly build with the characters. A single final perk you will very surely enjoy is the cross-save feature this game delivers you can juggle involving the SFW and NSFW version of the game.

-The TopAdultGame Group

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