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Lewd Producer

Summary of Game

One day, I was all of a sudden scouted as a producer for an idol.
I perform with my idol and I fantasize about playing a naughty prank on her.
Use the plan you came up with at operate to produce girls and get to know them much better.
Therefore began my life as a producer.

Key Characteristics

It really is a clicker game where you can very easily watch eroticism.
You can play naughty pranks on over 50 girls.
You can unlock more than 90 diverse sex scenes.

You can improve it by gaining things in the gacha.
-Best tools/modification components
You can customize the tool to play pranks on girls with your fantasies.
The goods you require to create a girl.
You can bring your idol into the office and work with them.

Lewd Producer Overview

When there are various clickers on TopAdultGame, there is generally that one particular game offering a little additional, producing it unique in its genre. You will (soon) most certainly agree that Lewd Producer fits that description completely. With more than 90 unique sex scenes to unveil 1 by 1, this brightly coloured sim will permit you to explore everything that comes with becoming the ultimate pervy idol producer.

Just like in a dream, the journey begins as you are approached by a mysterious lady, wishing to recruit you to fill footwear you never ever thought you could fill. But given that you are not 1 to shy away from a challenge…

Whilst the story has a lot to supply on the whole “dream coming true” trope, the gameplay is the a single you will linger on. The key screen is going to be filled with all the ladies you require to inflict “delusional damage” on. Now hold your horses “damage” is a lot more of a jubilation- but be confident to take some time to raise your levels, as well as these of your tools the extra efficient you are, the additional ecstasy can be delivered. Monitor that by checking the ecstasy point, which, when maxed out (yeah… that’s climax), will present you with new idols for you to hold clicking with all your new tools.

Now, here are a couple items to hold in thoughts though you navigate through Lewd Producer. Very first of all, the highest kind of income you will uncover are small business cards, which can be made use of to upgrade any girl past level 3. To get some, your best bet is to preserve an eye out for in-game events or log-on rewards- yes, you can thank us for that later. Don’t worry even though, it will not take lengthy ahead of you start unlocking steamy scenes that can be identified (and stored) in the appropriately-named folder. You have so numerous intimate moments to share with your idols… trust us, these captions won’t leave you in the cold. And here’s a last tiny tip when you think you can not progress any further, verify out the “changing jobs” capacity. Although it does bring you back to stage 1, it also provides you capital points- you will use those to get more apparel, for example. But just before changing jobs, be confident to invest all your cash on your tools- you want to keep these taps as efficient as possible.

With all the things it has to offer, Lewd Producer will absolutely maintain your interest piqued for a though. It is often intriguing to play a game that delivers much more value as you play it, don’t you think?

-The TopAdultGame Group

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