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Honey Crush

Summary of Game

You’ve been transported to a strange realm and forced to compete in The Sex Games by the pervert wizard Manfred.
Seduce all the girls in your path and develop a mighty harem.
One a lot more thing: if you lose Manfred will turn you into a sex starved slut and force you to join his harem.

Important Features

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* Make a harem of girls with one of a kind personalities
Seducing girls is tough, but luckily you have a harem to help you.
Perform with your major bitch Audrey to break down these girls defenses and get them into bed.

* ENGAGING completely animated story
Progress by means of The Sex Games as you seduce girls, and they seduce each other.
Travel to distant lands and lure the major girls of Manfred’s harem to your side with your sexual prowess.

* Distinctive puzzle mechanics
Every single date is unique, and each a single gets you closer to your final showdown with Manfred.

* Collect sexy pictures from your girls
Gather pictures of all the “difficult” perform you’ve place into seducing these sluts.

* Boost your seduction skills and unlock bonuses from all the girls in your harem
Use skill upgrades to improve your character and enhance your seduction skills.
Use magical things to boost your girls, so they can help you develop up your harem.

Also obtainable on Android!

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