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Harem Party

Summary of Game

Grab your ‘sword’ and experience this college-primarily based comedy about a group of girls who come out of a young man’s RPG!

Crucial Attributes

– Agnes Ardbeg Augustus
A princess and knight inside the game globe, Agnes has a proud demeanor and is exceptionally loyal to the Hero of Legend.
She is genuinely devoted to the chivalric code, and wields the Holy Sword.
She only knows of sex from hearsay, and initially harbors incredibly girlish delusions about the Hero of Legend, Haru.
She could also harbor masochistic tendencies.

– Cleo Cragganmore
A peerless sorceress inside the game globe, Cleo is also the party’s ruthless dictator.
Uninhibited and selfish with an acid tongue, it is her energy that permitted the girls to come to the genuine globe. She’s aggressive in bed and petite in make.

– Sofistia Greygoose
A bumbling, glasses-wearing elf girl.
She is the leader of a clan of a specific realm within the game world, but her organic clumsiness and crybaby nature tends to inconvenience the individuals around her.
Despite this, she has an unexpectedly depraved side and becomes a absolutely unique person in bed.
An intense masochist, Sofistia becomes insatiable the moment her desire is sparked.
She also has enormous tits.

– Urr Schlichte (Younger Sister) &amp Nia Schlichte (Older Sister)
A pair of dark elves who accompany Sofie as her caretakers (or possibly babysitters), Urr and Nia are from a particular race that possess cat tails and ears.
Due to the fact Sofie is so unreliable, they constantly remain by her side to supply help.
Their race has a history of getting the target of discrimination, so they have a simultaneous respect and antipathy for the Demon Lord.
Urr wears priestess outfits and maid outfits whilst Nia wears classic Japanese clothes.
The sisters are total opposites, with Urr becoming calm and powerful-willed and Nia getting exceptionally immature.

– Moriuji Waka
Haru’s older sister.
With their parents out of town, she requires care of the cooking and cleaning, and the pair attend the exact same college.
Though Waka is only 1 year older than Haru, she has adopted an air of resigned reliability in order to meet the expectations of the people today around her.
Even though she comes off as a polite honor-student variety, she reveals a rather dark side towards these who get close to her brother, becoming the Demon Lord’s vessel.

– Kubota Anzu
Waka’s peer and classmate.
She’s a thoroughly eccentric girl, and her tips about reality differ significantly from these of the average person.
Her ‘occult research’ drives her to indiscriminately pursue paranormal phenomenon.
She runs a memberless enthusiast’s club for fans of the subject and releases an unauthorized newsletter after a month that has some worth as reading material.
Anzu is also a conscious iconoclast to the point exactly where most persons consider she has a screw loose in her head.
Since of this, she has really couple of friends. The 1 particular person who accepts her is Waka, whom she trusts unconditionally.
For some purpose, she has a brusque manner of speaking.

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