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Girls Garrison

Summary of Game

Welcome to Girls Garrison TD – an epic Erotic Tower Defense game!

Defend your Kingdom from the clutches of the Dread Overlord as you location defense towers, cast spells, and call upon your attractive heroines in this fantasy erotica themed Tower Defense game. Demonstrate your strategic genius amongst your troops and recruit strong and attractive female allies. Gather products, gifts, and resources to enhance and upgrade your defense arsenal. Converse and win the affection of your diverse harem of attractive warriors and they will be yours, mind and body!

Do you have what it takes to defend and quit the advances of the Dread Overlord?

Uncover out in Girls Garrison TD!

Crucial Options

• Genuine Time Technique Tower Defense Action
• 15 Explorable locations with 3 levels of difficulty to master
• 10 Beautiful Warriors to recruit and seduce
• 60+ Uncensored Scenes
• Collect products and resources to upgrade your arsenal and gifts to give to your harem.
• Build towers, execute abilities, cast magic, and handle your troops’ defenses
• WebGL, Computer Client, Mobile

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