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Flower Fairy

Summary of Game

A mysterious barrier has trapped two animal-eared sisters in a deep cave complicated.
Can they make it out of the underground maze complete of noxious fog alive?

Important Attributes

* Action
Play as Neri, a notorious thief armed with a trusty handgun, deadly knife and cat-like agility.
Explore the levels cautiously sniping enemies from afar or rush in and cut through almost everything in your way!

* Animation
The game options 42 diverse monster species, some with a number of attack patterns.
Lots of capture animations, erotic and ryona scenes for you to take pleasure in, just about every creature
out there has their personal concepts to have their way with the cute animal-eared protagonist!

* Sexy Battles
When Neri’s clothes get torn enemy encounters can inevitably lead to sexual acts.
Slam the attack button to escape, but try to remember, if health drops to zero you won’t be in a position to resist any longer.
If that occurs, the poor girl will develop into horny for just about anything…
Even at zero well being if you hold the attack button pressed you can escape from the monster holding you.
But with no strength left to stand up, another monster will just take over.

* Collectibles
Neri can increase her stats by selecting up a variety of upgrade products hidden throughout the levels.
Monsters and treasures you have encountered are recorded in two separate journals.
Attempt to uncover and register all 42 kinds of enemies!

* Creatures
Pick [Creatures] from the choices screen to view the gallery of animations.
The monsters all have a opportunity to drop a characteristic item.
If you pick that item up, the corresponding monster will be unlocked in the gallery.
See if you can unlock all 46 of them!
Note:There is also a hidden selection to unlock the complete gallery at after!

* Bonuses
Completing the game unlocks the “Shortcut” solution that lets you warp to any of the save points.
You can also access a bonus “yuri cave” stage with random enemy encounters.
All creatures (even bosses) have a chance of appearing!

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