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Fetlife Review

Fetlife is a free website for communication, specially designed for people with irregular sexual preferences. Fet Life is a space free of judgment and prejudice. Here you can feel safe and understood. Disclose your real desires on your personal profile and you will discover that there are at least a couple of people who share your views on sex pleasures.

Join Fet Life now and you won’t regret it. The Fetlife site is free to register on. What is more, unlike many adult websites you don’t need to pay for communication with the other members. This is why by going through an easy registration you get the whole range of different services, starting from finding hookup partners nearby to discussing different trends and traditions in various sexual techniques.

In a Nutshell

Fetlife dating site reviews rank this platform among the most decent and the most popular websites for people with unique sexual preferences. The Fetlife website appears to be even more than a regular dating website, it also comprises an extensive blog section and involves collective discussions of different related issues. The Fetlife website’s community is so diverse and lively that the platform reminds more of the social network than a site with adult content. Let’s discover what makes this website so popular.

Pros and Cons 


  • Easy and fast registration
  • Dynamic BDSM fetish community
  • Millions of users with even gender distribution
  • Strong Customer Support service


  • Can be not totally safe
  • No registration via social pages available at a Glance 

The Fetlife website is probably proud of its elegant black and red interface that doesn’t distract from an enjoyable pastime but only adds to the relaxing yet seductive atmosphere. The quality of profiles strikes the very second you enter the website. The information on each personal account is organized in 6 sections. In the first one, there is a piece of information given by the user during the registration, the second one implies a short narrative about the profile’s owner, the third tab shows your relation to the user (you may add a member to friends on the website), tab number four comprises links to different sources you would like your friends to visit, the fifths and the sixths tabs include person’s private photos and videos.

All this information is aimed to help you understand the person behind the profile and find like-minded people in the whole extensive community.

What Is

The truth about Fetlife is that it is not an ordinary dating website. It is an adult platform that specializes in providing information on different BDSM techniques, fetishes, and kinky, and setting the scene for collective discussions on the given subjects. This is why the Fetlife site appears to be not only entertaining but also educational in its own way.

You may contact some users directly or participate in group discussions, you may find your hookup partner or just learn more about your sexuality and desires. The one thing is certain, everybody will find something they need on the Fetlife website.

How Does Fetlife Work?

As you can see, the Fetlife dating site is not an ordinary adult website. The communication on this platform is built not only in the face-to-face mode but in collective discussions and blog entries. This creates the feeling of community, helps to identify your inner desires and make your dreams come true in practice. 

You have nothing to worry about on this website, including the monthly payments, everything is built in such a way for you to enjoy your stay on the website enjoyable and productive. 

Sign Up Search & Profile Quality 

The registration process is always crucial when it comes to dating sites and especially those with narrow specialization. The Fetlife log in is relatively simple and quite enjoyable. First of all, you will have to fill in some of your personal information, such as active email address, name, gender, age, location, sexual orientation, and role. Once you are through this, you will have to verify your account through your telephone number. The website claims not to give it to any third parties.

After completing these simple steps you will become a proud member of a lively Fetlife community and will finally be able to use the potential of the platform to the fullest.

The website’s profiles are detailed and well-organized. By visiting members’ accounts on Fetlife, you can vividly see their sexual preferences and other important information on their appearance and interests.


On the Internet, it is not always possible to identify a person’s intentions right away. This is why you should always be extra cautious when it comes to sharing your private information with other people. What is more, reviews recommend keeping all your payment credentials private, since there will always be people interested in your money rather than in your personality.

To learn more about the website’s safety policies and terms and conditions on which it works visit the official website.

Help & Support

Numerous reviews on the Fetlife adult website point out the professionalism of the platform’s customer support service. This is why don’t hesitate to contact the administration if you are experiencing some trouble in navigating the website, want to report suspicious activity or to leave a complaint or inquiry.

You can learn more about the website’s safety policies and the terms and conditions on which it works on the official site

Prices & Plans

The truth is that all the services on are free of charge, which means that buying a Premium subscription won’t give you access to any unique features. But it will allow you to watch adult videos on the platform. The Premium subscription will cost you only $30 for 6 months, $60 for one year, $120 for two years. You can also purchase a lifetime Premium for $240.

For this quite moderate price, you will get the whole video library with unique high-quality clips that won’t leave you indifferent. However, nobody forces you to purchase it. You can enjoy free services as long as you want.


If you are an active PC user and searching for some spicy adult entertainment, you should definitely try Fetlife out. It is able to give you a completely new experience of communication with like-minded people with different fetishes and kinks and online sexual interactions. 

The website also has its elegant mobile application which will allow you to reach the world of pleasures from any point of the globe. The app is available for download on every smartphone.

Still, hesitate on going to the website? Don’t miss your chance. The brand new world of sexual pleasures is waiting for you on

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legit?

Yes, Fetlife is a legit website, specially created for people interested in BDSM, fetish, and Kinky services. The platform makes up for a perfect platform for such people to meet and spend some quality time practicing various online sex techniques. The website operates all over the world and welcomes everyone on the board.

How Do I Register on Fetlife?

According to the review of Fetlife, it is very easy to register on the website. All you will have to do is to enter standard information that will help to identify your sexual orientation and preferences. Then you will have to verify your account via mobile number. This step prevents fraudsters from entering the website community. 

Which Services Are Available on the Website?

First of all, after going to the official website, you will have to register. This procedure is completely free, as well as communication with other users, looking through the profiles, writing and reading blog posts, and open discussions. You can also get unique access to the adult video content by purchasing a Premium subscription.

How Many Members Are There on Fetlife?

Millions of people visit the website annually, some of them come and go and the others stay for years. The one thing is certain, the services don’t leave anybody indifferent and always bring fresh air to its members’ sexual life.

Is Fetlife Good When It Comes to Online Sex Entertainment?

If you are an admirer of unusual sexual techniques that you will probably find somebody to practice them out with. It is a website that is created especially for the independent and interesting personalities who are willing to fulfill their sexual needs with people who truly share their views on enjoyable sex.

Is Fetlife Safe?

The latest review states that there is no need for you to worry about the website’s safety. However, you should always be responsible for your own security. Look through the site’s reviews and don’t enclose private information to strangers and always think with the cold mind once you are there.

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