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Summary of Game

Welcome to an uncommon fantasy world, exactly where the Game Master has tasked Akira, a curious adventurer, with reclaiming his most prized possession.

Key Features

Developer: TsukiWare
Publisher: Mangagamer

Character Descriptions:

Age – 18

Our adventure’s protagonist. He (or she?) is the curious kind, constantly had good grades at school, and was normally spoiled by his parents. His mom and dad were adventurers back in the day, and they’ve written a handful of books about monsters. As a outcome, Akira’s book-clever, but surely not street-clever.

Akira has had a tendency to wear girly clothes and play with dolls ever considering the fact that he was small. His favourite doll is his Princess Pony, and, incidentally, his favored color is purple.

Spirit Akira:
Age – ???

Right after the Game Master messes up some stat numbers though generating Akira, this so-referred to as “spirit” of an older version of Akira is accidentally produced. He follows Akira everywhere, and he can hear the Game Master’s commands, but he cannot be heard by either of them. As a outcome, he has become a rather cynical person.

He is capable to take over Akira’s body for the duration of specific events, and takes place to really delight in sex. But this masochistic spirit has Akira’s effectively-being in thoughts, or so he thinks…

Age – 22

The proprietor of the Item Shop positioned in the village where Akira lives. She is deaf and only communicates by means of sign language. She gets excited rather very easily, and several times she signs so rapidly that no one can comprehend her. Although she seems like a rather one particular-sided particular person, she is in fact extremely self-conscious.

Her real name is Cherise Bobette, and her father is a Bob. For what ever explanation, she has created a specific fondness for boners, and sends Akira to obtain extra for her. Her favourite colour is lavender, and she loves younger boys.

Goblin A:
Age – ???

One particular of the goblin brothers tasked with guarding the cave exactly where the monsters live. He’s a cool guy, but he tends to speak ahead of he thinks, and that has led to quite a few misunderstandings with each his mates and his boss. It’s for the reason that of his impulsiveness that the brothers are in their existing predicament.

Goblin B:
Age – ???

One particular of the goblin brothers tasked with guarding the cave where the monsters reside. The older of the brothers, he is the far more calm and thoughtful of the two. Even so, whenever his brother has an concept, he commonly goes along with it. As a result, he doesn’t have the finest reputation with the other goblins. But regardless of all that, he considers Goblin A his favorite brother and will threat his life (maybe?) to assist him.

Age – 741

Constantly on the top rated of each and every lewd monster leaderboard, Bob (who is a Bob, never ask) is almost certainly the most perverted monster that exists in caves. He has the “potential” to grow boners whenever he desires. They are prized by some members of the community, but most of those folks are just lonely and want to have some “fun,” if you know what I imply.

Bob is the father of countless youngsters, although a lot of never comprehend it. Each and every of his boners are loaded with his semen, and they are completely capable of operating with out becoming close to a Bob. Surprisingly sufficient, all Bob’s semen is compatible with human eggs.

• Tongue in cheek script
• Uncensored adult scenes
• Original art and soundtrack
• 1080P Resolution
• No DRM
• Out there on Windows

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