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Crystal Maidens

Summary of Game

The globe of the Crystal Maidens has been invaded by a highly effective Wizard that dominates and controls young Maidens to do his bidding. With the assistance of magical crystals, you need to summon a harem of stunning Maidens to fight back against this evil and liberate the Maidens of the world!

Defeat epic bosses, collect powerful things hidden throughout the lands and lead the maidens to victory…and orgasm!

Essential Attributes

Animated sex scenes
Every single Maiden you collect for your harem will have hugely detailed, uncensored animated HD sex scenes.
Gather, summon, upgrade and romance your preferred Maidens and watch their incredible hentai scenes!

Real-Time Technique Gameplay

You make a decision which maidens are the ideal for every single battle!
Genuine-time action in a 3D atmosphere with a range of strategic choices: no two battles are the very same!
Cast devastating spells, cleave with an axe, pierce with arrows, or mix it up. The decision is yours!

PVP and Leaderboard

Once you are comfy, take your capabilities and your maidens to the PVP arena. Conquer your enemies and climb the leaderboard and earn fantastic rewards!

New Exclusive Function!

The Boss Campaign includes higher scaling finish game bosses, crafting of potent exclusive products, gear sets, and beautiful Maidens.

And much more!

• Collect and customize your Maidens with total equipment and crafting systems.
• Construct and upgrade buildings to gain access to highly effective bonuses.
• Explore an in depth globe with numerous exotic areas.

Make confident to return generally!

Content material is on a regular basis updated, and your Maidens will miss you if you remain away for too long!
Develop your team, defeat your enemies, achieve great rewards, and take pleasure in great animated scenes!

Make your group, defeat your enemies, achieve wonderful rewards, and delight in the animated scenes!

Hear from the improvement team by joining our official Discord channel:

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If you run into any issues when playing Crystal Maidens, be sure to contact support right here:

Thank you for playing

Crystal Maidens


Crystal Maidens Review

Absolutely nothing will leave a player more happy than sex appeal and gorgeous females. Fortunately, TopAdultGame’s

Crystal Maidens

embodies sexual want and seduction in the form of gorgeous, Amazonian-like females who will fight to their final breath to protect you, their cherished Lord in this genuine-time tactic (RTS) game. In this fantasy globe, you will play out your wildest fantasies and watch mystical maidens lust more than you. If you are searching for a game with higher-top quality erotic reduce-scenes, I would extremely suggest providing

Crystal Maidens

a try! From the incredibly beginning, players are thrown into a stimulating practical experience with graphics they will not soon forget.

Crystal Maidens

gameplay is hugely entertaining. The point-and-click controls are quick to navigate and produce a fluid knowledge for the player. In addition, the reduce-scenes drive the story forward and truly send the player into a match of lust. Due to the fact every maiden has her personal personality, TopAdultGame adapts individual skills, which tends to make combat exclusive and challenging. Players need to usually be cognizant of maiden-to-foe match ups and really should sustain upgrades on their maidens!

To those of you who appreciate a good RTS game with some passionate reduce-scenes,

Crystal Maidens

is the game for you. It is a highly entertaining game so make confident to come play

Crystal Maidens

the pretty initially opportunity that you get!

Author: Gaming Cypher


The idea of a harem is vastly well-liked for solid causes. 1 of them getting the obvious fact that it essentially consists of a group of sexy, willing ladies who are there for your pleasure. With that in thoughts, how could we not dive deeper into the attractive planet of Crystal Maidens? This game brings the very best in adult gaming, which includes tactic, function-playing and, of course, scalding hot maidens. Like, lots of ‘em.

Your adventure starts with Nuka greeting you and telling you about the dark wizard who controls the minds of an army of maidens. There are shards of his dark tower scattered all through the land, which ought to be destroyed before he can be defeated- by you, alongside the maidens you will be summoning to fight. Crystal Maidens will not miss any opportunity to remind you why you’ve been tasked with this magical – and soon-to-be perverted – mission. From the get go, the game will leave you wanting a lot more.

Whilst Crystal Maidens is filled with graphic and titillating sex scenes, you want to flirt (and succeed at it) in order to get the attractive satisfaction you happen to be seeking for. Employing the crystals you’ve collected for the duration of missions is part of the method, as every single of them are tied to an element which your maidens respond to. Trade them for a flirt and see them gradually respond to your curiosity. It only leaves you eager to know a lot more- oh, the sweet taste of impatience! In addition to the lengthy list of out there maidens, the game also offers you the opportunity to expand your sexual conquests to Guardians that are a lot more than happy to have you around.

Whilst seduction and romancing is an vital gameplay element, Crystal Maidens is a deep role-playing game at its core. Upgrading your maidens as properly as organizing defense and attack tactics are crucial components to the achievement of your mission. Don’t you go thinking you can just charm your way by means of and let your ladies do the operate. They need you to have their back!

But that is just one more terrific factor about this game the sheer quantity of strategies to love it. From kingdom building to battle play, you will extremely soon obtain your days (and nights) occupied in the sweetest way. And what far better way to blow off some steam than battling your way through an in depth storyline, all even though losing oneself in some clever writing and very detailed sex scenes? When you’re carried out with the main campaigns, you can test your maidens with a complete other kind of challenge with the Epic Boss Campaign, in which you can craft exclusive items and maidens- but it isn’t going to be an effortless one. Needless to say, we can absolutely guarantee you’re going to have a great time.

Now, hurry up warrior! These lands, and hearts, aren’t going to conquer themselves.

-The TopAdultGame Group

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