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Cosmic Shock League

Summary of Game

No matter your taste in babes, the strategic puzzle-game Cosmic Shock League has the suitable girl for you. From playful kittens to fierce sci-fi warriors, Rogue Games and TopAdultGame give it all! As they move by way of a captivating story, players have a opportunity to get intimate with a range of enticing ladies. Mesmerizing players with their sensual dialogue and their even more captivating appears, these ladies are confident to satisfy each and every wish and much more.

Key Options

Immerse yourself in the planet of the most effective Hentai porn game on the industry currently. A charming and attractive sci-fi adventure, dotted full of classic references, attractive girls and relentless battles.

~Fully Animated Genuine-Time Action:
Vibrantly animated battles permit you to command a squad of Cosmic Shock Girls against player and AI controlled teams. Use an array of attack, defense, healing, and assistance Abilities to crush your enemies.

~ Innovative Gameplay
Straightforward to play, really hard to master. Cosmic Shock League is a fun mix involving classic match-3 mechanics and collectible card games.

~ Compete Against The Globe
Duel players from about the globe in actual-time Arena battles. Join the fight, attain the best Leagues and win exclusive rewards at the finish of every single season!

~ Assemble Your Girls
Adapt your method and build the strongest teams. Collect and evolve your Cosmic Shock girls to unleash their complete potential!

~Collectible Cosmic Shock Girls
Irrespective of whether it be by fighting via the 320+ Levels of the campaign, PvP Battle Chests, or through accomplishment in an occasion, there are countless approaches to expand your team and unleash their Epic powers.

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No matter your taste in babes, the strategic puzzle-game Cosmic Shock League has the proper girl for you. From playful kittens to fierce sci-fi warriors, Rogue Games and TopAdultGame present it all! As they move via a captivating story, players have a likelihood to get intimate with a range of enticing ladies. Mesmerizing players with their sensual dialogue and their even extra captivating appears, these ladies are positive to satisfy each and every need and far more.

Venturing via space, players are introduced to the Cosmic Shock League. This group of potent ladies are in dire want of help and only the player can assist defeat enemies in this special puzzle game! Applying their puzzle-solving capabilities and strategicic implementations of character cards, players do their ideal to come out victorious as they progress via difficult quests and PVP battles. Despite the fact that it may perhaps seem easy at initially, Cosmic Shock League immediately increases in intensity so players should really be sure to level-up their cards. This may be done soon after collecting the correct number of character cards from boxes purchased in the shop, earned in battle, or collected in each day rewards. These day-to-day rewards can be discovered by visiting chest at the screen. New provides produce every handful of hours, all of which you may perhaps obtain utilizing in-game currency! So, be certain to visit the retailer and make use of their superb gives and keep an eye out -maybe the card you need will be readily available!
Players must be weary in battle. With only three probable moves per turn, it is critical they use they play strategically. On top of that, they should make sure paying interest to their cards at the side which they could bring into play for a bonus such as health, additional damage, and additional. Since of these specific skills, players ought to be intelligent about their deck combinations ahead of proceeding to a quest! For instance, when battling against a boss it might be a very good idea to use cards that deal physical harm due to the brute strength they will be going up against! However, I came up defeated against the initially boss, however, right after re-arranging my deck and combining Cherry, Aster, Kiki, and Fanny, I was victorious against the incredibly tough opponent! Of course, this combination would not function for each and every opponent, nevertheless, it was the ideal alternative against a powerful opponent like him. So, players need to figure out what operates finest against which opponents and go from there.
Even though gameplay is terrific on its own, unlocking intimate moments with their breath-taking characters is definitely the high-point of Cosmic Shock League. Soon after obtaining enough character cards, players may possibly level-up their cards and unveil some spicy sex scenes. Playing out some pretty true fantasies, players will develop into captivated by the way Rogue Games is in a position to satisfy need whilst indulging the yearn for a sci-fi twist. Even much better, if the player wants to watch these moments once more, they can simply pay a visit to the heart at the bottom right corner of the battle screen and replay it as lots of times as they want. This addition is extremely a lot appreciated and should really be utilized by the player!

If players are seeking a strategic puzzle game that will also satisfy their attractive sci-fi fantasy, appear no extra. Cosmic Shock League requires anything a player knows about puzzle games and combines it with their deepest sexual fantasies by using beautiful girls, tantalizing sex scenes, and dialogue as well arousing to mention right here. Providing in-game purchases for players as well impatient to wait, Rogue Games and TopAdultGame practically give the player almost everything they have to have and far more to satisfy their craving for a attractive sci-fi adventure. So, verify out Cosmic Shock League if you are prepared to knowledge the wonders of an erotic space quest because this reviewer cannot recommend any game much more than this.

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