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Cockwork Industries: DLC Pack

Summary of Game

Cockwork Industries is an erotic adventure game exactly where you play as Dwayne – an everyman who (to his personal surprise) wins an on the internet competition to be the guest of honor for an event held at Cockwork Industries, a renowned, however incredibly mysterious physique-alteration facility.


Crucial Characteristics

-A completely-fledged adventure game with 2-3h of gameplay for a single playthrough.
-Full-HD (1080p) graphics with fully animated dialogue sequences and sex scenes.
-Many playthrough paths leading to different romance outcomes and endings.
-2 Gameplay Modes:
Adventure Mode: Intended for players who want a full gameplay encounter with interactive sex scenes.
Simplified Mode: Intended for players who want to an less complicated playthrough and prefer watching the sex scenes rather of playing by way of them.
-5 romance solutions + 1 optional gay romance option.
-7 wealthy and interactive places.

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