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BoobRun Deluxe

Summary of Game

BoobRun Deluxe is a attractive Jump´n´Run Arcade game, where it is up to you to get your heroine Boobarella as far as achievable!

Key Features

• Awesome Jump’n’Run in a cartoony 2D/3D world
• Lots of higher good quality sex artworks/ skins and animations
• Gallery to collect all your photos
• Kill lust hungry sci-fi monsters and horny tentacles
• Collect energy ups and achievements and unlock naughty pictures
• Customize Boobarella with your favourite outfits and hair colors
• Upgrade your buffs and get even much better!!
• Evaluate your self with other people on the global higher score
• Weekly Events with new enemies, skins and mini games
• Absolutely free TO PLAY

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