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Boob Wars: Massive Breasts vs. Flat Chests

Summary of Game

Bring the unending war among Significant Breasts and Flat Chests to an end! Win blazing hot card battles, then use your sexy abilities to seduce the leaders!

Key Options

Developer: softhouse-seal
Publisher: Mangagamer

At the beginning of the 22nd Century, an anomaly started occurring in the bodies of females…
All the girls of the globe became either E Cups and up or A cups and under.
“Massive Breasts” and “Flat Chests”…

Due to their division into these two groups, the debate over which was superior started.
Just after the initial incident of armed conflict, known as the “Nyuuhen Tragedy,”
the entire globe was split involving the Large Breasts Tribe and the Flat Chests Tribe and an intense conflict ensued.

87 years later…

The secret organization of Erorists, “Eagle”, has ordered our protagonist Takamura Manabu to pursue the mission of his profession:
“Seduce Queen Milk Elioto of the Major Breasts Tribe and Queen Teresa Premadasa of the Flat Chests Tribe and bring this war to a close.”

“Eagle” immediately sent the Erorist, Takamura Manabu, to the two queens!!

Can Manabu quit the two queens and bring this war to an end!?

A blazing hot Turn-primarily based Card Battle Adventure brought to you by softhouse-seal!!

Whether the Boob War will come to an end or not rests in your hands!!

• Singleplayer
• Female Voices Only
• Uncensored, completely adult
• No DRM

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