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Armor Blitz

Summary of Game

Welcome to Armor Blitz, where you are the Basic of a fantastical squad of WWII-era tank girls. Enter Valhalla, the afterlife for fallen spirits. When a mysterious force named The Corruption starts ravaging the lands of Valhalla, it is up to you to take command and vanquish it. Gather your army of tanks, boost their capabilities in combat, and play strategically.
It’s your move, Basic!

Key Capabilities

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* Exclusive Collectible Characters:
Each character you encounter all through the game is meticulously made with their personal history.
All tanks and enemies have hints of background connected to their historical previous. Level them up and create your connection status to make them even stronger and to unlock their gorgeous hentai sex scenes!

* Strategic Real-time Combat:
This free of charge sex game makes use of elements of traditional collectible card game mechanics with actual-time combat. Lead your army to a pleasurable conclusion both on AND off the battlefield!

* Take Manage of the Battlefield:
Use abilities, get in touch with in reinforcements, and meticulously deploy your tanks to yield victory.

* Engrossing Story-line:
Adhere to an exciting storyline as you discover the world of Valhalla, the resting land of the bravest warriors.

* Wonderful sex scenes:
Retain an eye on your girls and shower them with affection to get some extremely hot sex scenes!

Delight in this captivating adult game!

Also available on Android!

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